What This M’sian SE Would Do For Refugees If They Bag Chivas Venture’s USD$1M Prize Money

Every year social entrepreneurs from around the globe apply to win a share of USD$1 Million in funding from Chivas Venture.  The best from each participating country are selected to compete in the global finals where they stand a chance to win a share of USD$1 Million.

You then get to vote for your favourite social enterprise once the global finalists are announced.

Once the voting is complete, the first $200K of the fund would be distributed based on the number of votes received during the 3-week online voting period.

Image Credit: Men's Folio Malaysia

The finalist with the most votes would receive USD$50K, and the next 4 runners-up would each receive USD$20K. The remaining USD$70K would be split equally among the other finalists.

Each finalist would then have a chance to pitch for a share of the remaining USD$800K in front of an expert judging panel at the final pitch in May. 

This year a local social enterprise called The Picha Project won the national title for Chivas Venture. And they’ll be representing Malaysia on the global stage in Amsterdam this May.

Image Credit: The Picha Project

The Picha Project created a platform whereby refugee families can use their cooking skills to cook food that is then offered via catering services to the public.

This helps the refugee families earn a sustainable source of income. You can read more about what they do here.

The Picha Project has also been accredited by MaGIC as part of their Impact Driven Enterprise Accreditation (IDEA) initiative.

Kim Lim (the founder) wrote a blog post about how the Picha Project would utilise the funds they win. Here are the key highlights.

1. R&D for non perishable products

Image Credit: The Picha Project

The Picha Project is looking to expand their range of non-perishable products. Their existing products include Dry Sambal and Pichacotti, and they’re looking to introduce more complicated items to the market such as liquid based sauces, frozen goods, etc.

A portion of the funds would be used to research and develop such products, thus providing the refugee families with a new stream of income.

2. Community outreach through Picha Kiosks

The team is planning on setting up kiosks in as many companies and shopping centres as possible. They believe this would be a much better alternative to opening up restaurants or centralised kitchens. 

Image Credit: The Picha Project

“This would allow Picha to be more accessible and to create more jobs and training opportunities for those that need it,“ Kim wrote in her blog post. “While we train them to manage a booth/kiosk, they’ll be learning about customer service, management, finance, which empowers the less fortunate to stand on their own feet.”

This would also allow The Picha Project to grow and serve more communities and families in the process.

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3. Improving internal and operational efficiencies

Image Credit: The Picha Project

The team is in need of an effective and streamlined system that would enable them to work with more families in different areas.

Without a proper system in place their operations would be susceptible to human errors, inefficiencies and waste in general.

A portion of the funds would be used to put a proper system in place that’ll help them scale and grow, and onboard new families more easily. Eventually impacting more communities in the process.

4. To translate their solution to vulnerable communities globally

Image Credit: The Picha Project

As the conflicts around the world continue to intensify, more people end up getting displaced, and are stripped of their dignity and their voice. Currently there are 65 million recorded refugees around the world, and this number continues to grow.

The Picha Project’s team believes that they can have a positive impact on the vulnerable communities across the globe.

In regards to their solution Kim wrote, “It allows for an inclusive economy and society to take place, teaching us to share our resources, talents and wealth together with those in need, without losing anything on our end.”

In summary, the funds would be used to improve and grow the platform,  and help more refugee families make a living. If done right, they could end up impacting families across the globe. 

Image Credit: The Picha Project

You could play a major role in positively impacting refugee families in Malaysia by simply voting for The Picha Project here.

The voting process is incredibly quick. You simply have to register with your FB account and click on the button to vote.

Your vote in essence would determine the amount of funds that The Picha Project could possibly win, and the impact they create for families around the globe with that money.

As Kim wrote “The higher the votes, the bigger the slice of the pie.”

Vote for The Picha Project here, and you can read Kim's blog here.

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*Feature Image Credit: The Picha Project

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