10 Social Media Influencers You Could Follow For Your Daily Dose Of Zero Waste Motivation

A zero waste lifestyle is all about making small, incremental changes that reduces waste, and benefits the environment.  

It's important to stay motivated and connected with the community while you make these changes. As such, we’ve compiled a mix of 10 influencers that you could follow on social media for useful zero waste lifestyle tips. 

1. Trash Is For Tossers (Youtube, New York)

Image Credit: Trash Is For Tossers

Lauren Singer is a prominent figure in the zero waste community. To her, zero waste means to avoid producing trash. You should either recycle or compost to save the environment.

Her Youtube channel, Trash Is For Tossers, has DIY tutorials on lotion, deodorant, and even bathroom essentials. From zero waste shopping to easy zero waste alternatives, her videos are quick and informative for beginners.

On her website, her articles provide fun and interesting content on skin care, makeup and kitchen hacks.

2. Sustainably Vegan (Youtube, UK)

Image Credit: Sustainably Vegan Youtube

Some zero waste individuals take it a step further and adopt a vegan lifestyle. Though not necessary, veganism and zero waste both aim to reduce environmental impact.

As such, Youtuber Sustainably Vegan focuses mainly on low waste in her videos. Learn to reduce your waste in 30 days or pick up easy ways to repurpose waste.

You’ll find a variety of practical content like natural beauty hacks, homemade shampoo recipe, and healthy meal preps. Check out her Instagram @sustainably_vegan for high quality content.

3. Blue Ollis (Youtube, UK)

Image Credit: Blue Ollis Instagram

Blue Ollis’ content gears towards minimalism. Her videos feature lifestyle content like decluttering, daily meals and ethical clothing. Her motto is “ethical vegan, conscious living, and holistic wellness.”

Her Instagram @blueollis shows off great photography skills with beautiful pictures, accompanied with insightful thoughts. Find out more on her website here. 

4. Ann Le / Anneorshine (Youtube, US)

Image Credit: Ann Le Youtube

If you’re an avid DIY fan, Ann Le {Anneorshine} is well known for her creative projects and lifestyle tips. The Vietnamese-American is down to earth and mainly features content on minimalism.

Her zero-waste tips video showcases how she incorporates those principles into minimalism. Find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrest for more information.

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5. Snapshots of Simplicity (Youtube, California)

Image Credit: Snapshots of Simplicity

Christine, also known as Snapshots of Simplicity, is a minimalistic channel dedicated to zero waste. Learn about simple swaps for a zero waste lifestyle and planning to prevent food wastage.

Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, and even Pintrest. Also, Christine’s website writes on living simply and sustainably.

6. @zerowaste.japan (Instagram, Japan)

Image Credit: @zerowaste.japan Instagram

Ran, or @zerowaste.japan on Instagram has informative recipes on zero waste lifestyle. Hailing from Japan, the account has 9K+ followers and is a source of inspiration to adopt a zero waste lifestyle.

7. @zerowasteadventure (Instagram, Indonesia)

Image Credit: @zerowasteadventure Instagram

From Indonesia, Siska Nirmala’s account @zerowasteadventure strives to be zero-waste while travelling. Her feed showcases her adventurous side as she explores Indonesia through nature and outdoors.  

8. @HappyZeroTrash (Instagram, Malaysia)

Image Credit: @HappyZeroTrash Instagram

@HappyZeroTrash is a Malaysian couple that founded the NGO Zero Waste Malaysia. The NGO has partnered with National Geographic Asia and Gamuda Land for a mini exhibition of a zero waste home.

The duo strives to live a zero-waste lifestyle locally by being environmentally conscious about the waste they produce.

9. @TheHiveBulkFoods (Instagram, Malaysia)

Image Credit: @TheHiveBulkFoods Instagram

@TheHiveBulkFoods is Malaysia’s first zero waste grocery store. Based in Bangsar, the account features various whole foods so you can make a checklist before heading to their store.

For more information, check out their website here.

10. @ZeroWasteMY (Instagram, Malaysia)

Image Credit: @ZeroWasteMY Instagram

Elena, or @ZeroWasteMY on Instagram hopes to raise awareness on how we can make simple changes to reduce environmental impact. The feed features clean flat lays and healthy eating that’ll help you on your zero-waste journey.

The zero waste community is extremely supportive and creative. No matter where you are in the world, there's always plenty of inspiration to lead a environmentally positive lifestyle.

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*Feature Image Credit: Trash Is For Tossers

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