Find The Nearest 'Yellow Bin' Donation Box In Johor

I recently launched the Donate Near Me app on the 23rd December 2020 to help people find NGOs and donation boxes that are closest to them. All they'd have to do is enter a street name.

If you'd like to know more about how this works, you can give this article a read.

The Donate Near Me app received over 2,000 requests within a span of 5 days. The top 3 searches by state / federal territories were from Selangor (close to 1000) followed by KL and Johor.

Unfortunately, when the app was launched we didn't have any registered NGOs or donation boxes in the Johor region. So the people that searched for a drop-off point in Johor were left with a blank screen.

Image Credit: Yellow Bin Facebook Page

Given the demand, my next plan of action was to add in drop-off points for this region itself. After a couple of hours of research, I found an organisation that focuses on recycling efforts called Yellow Bin.

Yellow Bin is a non-religious eco project. Their recycling team collects recyclables from residential settlements in the state of Johor, and the proceeds generated from their recycling campaigns are channeled to fund various charitable projects in Malaysia.

At present, they have over 60 donation boxes spread across the state, which you can now find on the Donate Near Me App.

Find one of their donation boxes that's closest to you by clicking the following link.

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*Feature Image Credit: Yellow Bin Website

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