4 Effective Platforms To Fund Social Causes In Malaysia

Non-profits and social causes work towards having a positive impact on the lives of the underprivileged. Despite their good intentions, their work almost always has a cost.

Hence, the need for raising funds. As such, here are 4 platforms you could use to raise funds for your charitable cause in Malaysia.

1. SimplyGiving

Image Credit: SimplyGiving Facebook Page

SimplyGiving is a common platform that NGOs and social causes use to raise funds for their campaigns. It’s a free platform to register and use.

However, SimplyGiving charges 5% on donations collected by your campaign. This excludes any tax or processing fees charged by your Payment Provider.

They also have a feature called DonorPays, a feature that lets your donors pay the service fees on your behalf. This way they wouldn’t deduct the service fees from the funds you’ve raised.

To know more about SimplyGiving, click here.

2. NGOhub

Image Credit: NGOhub Facebook Page

You can find a lot of local causes and organisations to support on NGOhub. It’s a platform that was developed by SOLS 24/7 and 7-Eleven (their founding partner).

They have a list of campaigns sorted by different categories. You could show support by either donating or fundraising for a campaign.

The platform charges campaign owners a service fee of 6.5% according to their T&C page. This fee covers the platform’s operating costs, and ensures its sustainability.

You can read more about how the platform works here.

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3. Actyvate

Image Credit: Actyvate Facebook Page

Actyvate is a Malaysian crowdfunding platform that promotes social change. Unlike other platforms, Actyvate will also match the funds you raise with grants up to RM50,000.

This platform is great for raising funds for projects in areas like community development, environment, youth development, rural development, and the empowerment.

You can read this article to know more about how Actyvate works, and you can start a project here.

4. GoGet Funding

Image Credit: GoGet Funding Facebook Page

GoGet Funding is a crowdfunding website that you could use to raise funds for a range of causes (both personal and charitable).

It’s a global platform that allows you to create your page in 4 easy steps. You can start sharing with the world, and you can accept donations instantly.

According to their T&C page, they charge a flat fee of 4% on the money raised. This is non-refundable, and it’s automatically deducted from the total amount of the campaign owner.

Each platform listed here lets you raise funds digitally for your social campaign. However, you should note that posting about your cause on one of these platforms is usually just the first step.

There’s a whole lot more that goes into running a successful campaign. As such, GoGet came up with a list of online fundraising tips & ideas that can read, here.

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* Feature Image Credit: SimplyGiving Facebook Page

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